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Knowledge is power: Learn about medicinal plants

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Visiting Faculty Fellowships

Jan 2, 2022

Applications are invited for up to 10 Global Health Catalyst (GHC) visiting Faculty Fellowships and Research fellowships beginning July 1, 2022. These fellowships are available to support outstanding faculty or Fellows whose teaching and research focus is on global oncology, or phytomedicines.

Fellows will be supported to work with faculty at different world-leading institutions. Learn more and apply here

Certificate Programs

September 1, 2023

In December 2022, President Biden Signed a Bill Clearing the Way for Medical Cannabis Research. This bipartisan legislation is the first standalone cannabis reform bill to pass both the House and Senate, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of federal cannabis policy in the USA. Goals of the legislation include: 1) advance research on the potential risks and medical benefits of cannabis, cannabis products; 2) promote the commercial development of FDA-approved drugs derived from cannabis; and 3) ensure that physicians may discuss the potential risks and benefits of medical cannabis with their patients.  This course will educate physicians, business owners and the public on the evidence around medical cannabis, and opportunities for further research and development working with partners at top world institutions.

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Educational Conference Lectures

May 5, 2023

The Yearly Global Health Catalyst summits feature highly educational sessions with lectures on phytomedicines. Learn more here

Educational Videos

May 1, 2023

Watch educational videos including clips featuring NFL legend Calvin Johnson (Megatron) and fellow former NFL stat Rob Sims who  ask questions to professors at the world's top university and the very best on medical cannabis.

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Educational Videos

Knowledge is Power

Join  the quest for knowledge on medical cannabis in collaboration with Primitiv

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