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The International Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis Institute

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The IPI is a high impact collaboration initiative, which is an outcome of the 2019 Global Health Catalyst summit at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. The initiative involves faculty from world leading institutions collaborating with industry, government leaders and other stakeholders to increase access to evidence-based medicines from plants. The vision is global health and wealth from medicinal plants which are an integral part of the healthcare system used by billions of people across the world. The Institute will provide the highest level of research,  validation or quality assurance of medicinal plant products to ensure doctors and populations have the evidence-based information needed for using any medicinal plants. Another critical part of the IPI is to promote education and knowledge, about the efficacy and safety of medicinal plants.
The IPI has become a growing movement and platform for collaboration involving stakeholders across the world. Please contact us for any information and join us in collaborations to advance global health and development leveraging medicinal plants

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IPI Leaders/Advisors


Rob Sims

Former NFL Player and Co-Founder of Primitiv


Dr Gary Strichartz

Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of Pain Research


Dr Henry Lowe

Professor and Chair of Flavocure Biotech


Dr Brylyne Chitsunge

Pan African Ambassador for food security

About : Our Team

Dr Bashkim Ziberi

Fullbright Fellow @ Harvard Medical Schoool, Professor,  University of Tetovo


Dr Stephen Avery

Director of Phytoradiotherapy and professor @ University of Pennsylvania


Dr David Kerr

Professor of Cancer Medicine, Oxford University, Director of the AfrOx-H clinical trial network


Dr Wil Ngwa

Director Global Health Catalyst. Principal Investigator

About : Our Team

Calvin Johnson

NFL Hall of Famer, and co-founder Primitiv


Dr Ahmed Elzawawy

Director, GHC win-win collaboration Initiative and professor


Dr Ngeh Toyang

CEO Flavocure Biotech


Dr Eric Tanifum

Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

About : Our Team

Dr Kwok-Fan Chow

Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell


Dr Twalib Ngoma

Professor, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania


Dr Gabi Niederman

Professor, University of Freiburg, Germany


Dr Sandra Carrillo MD

Professor, University of Panama

About : Our Team

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